Juan Felipe Mayorga Trio with Khabu Doug Young (guitar) and Sean Conly (bass)

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Juanfe Mayorga

Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Juan Felipe Mayorga began playing drums when he was 17 years old. He received a BFA in Music from the Universidad El Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia in 2006 and a Two Year Diploma from the The Collective School of Music, New York, NY in 2012. As a musician, he explores different sounds and influences including straight ahead jazz, rock and afro-Colombian rythms.

Mayorga has performed in numerous venues and festivals in Colombia, Rock Al Parque International Music Festival, Bogotá, with Bogotagua, Jazz Al Parque Parque International Music Festival with La Red Trio and Redken Cartagena Festival to name a few. In New York, he has played with musicians John Benitez, Lucia Pulido, Hector Martignon, Samuel Torres, Jacob Sacks, Dave Ambrosio, Sean Conly, Khabu Young, Joe Fitgerald, Bob Quaranta, John Davis, Ricky Rodriguez and Edward Perez among others.

Mayorga has recorded drums for Una Via, Por Amor Single 2010, Intigalaxy productions, Cesar Bogady, La mas Bonita Single 2011, Intigalaxy Productions and Macovhana, Macovhana Album, 2008. Mayorga taught at Universidad El Bosque, Bogota Colombia, for the Music program from 2006 to 2009, at present he is a faculty member of the Greenwich House Music School, New York, NY.